About nonshy

nonshy is a social network for real nudists and exhibitionists.

This website was designed by a life-long nudist, exhibitionist and software engineer to create a safe space for like-minded individuals online, especially in the context of the modern Internet after Tumblr, Pornhub and other social networks had begun clamping down and kicking off all the nudists from their platforms.

Why was this site built?

This site was developed as a response to growing uncertainty as to the future of available social networking sites for nudists and exhibitionists to use. Back in 2018, Tumblr was put under pressure and they banned all NSFW users from their platform. In 2020, Pornhub also fell victim and deleted 80% of all user content on their site. In 2021, Onlyfans almost fell victim to the same scheme: there is a group of anti-porn prudes who are systemically combing across the Internet and trying to get the very concept of porn and nudity banned from online.

Alongside that story, there is growing uncertainty in general about the future of free speech and "safe harbor laws" for social network service providers online. Depending on how it shakes out, it may become risky for sites such as Twitter and Reddit to remain online if the service providers become liable for content uploaded by their users. It seems likely that one day Twitter and Reddit will chase NSFW users away like Tumblr did and it may be risky for any new startups to fill that void (Onlyfans and most adult sites have switched to requiring photo ID to verify your accounts!)

When a site has random unverified users able to post random content, you end up with some awful things being posted - which traumatizes site moderators and provides hooks for the anti-porn brigade that took down Tumblr to come for your site as well. This website was designed for this modern environment, and intends to keep on top of things from day one.

What makes this site different?

In the context of the modern Internet we live in, this site does things a bit differently:

  • Only real people may join this site. No faceless, anonymous throw-away profiles. Everyone needs a face picture on their profile and to submit a "verification selfie" holding a sheet of paper to prove their picture is them. You don't need to have your face and nude body together in a picture, but a face pic as your default profile picture is mandatory.
  • Only self pictures are allowed. You must be featured in a picture to post it. No "porn blogs" of random content you found online!
  • Unlike some other nudist websites, exhibitionist content is permitted here. You are allowed to post erections, hole pics, masturbation or sexual content (within reason - nothing illegal or grossly offensive). We only ask that you tag your photo as explicit so that nudists who don't want to see that stuff can filter it away. This site is "nudist friendly" by default -- opt-in to see explicit content if you like that stuff!

Who is this site for?

This site is for confident, out & proud nudists and exhibitionists who aren't afraid to include a face pic along with their nudes. If you're posting nudes on Twitter, Reddit or Onlyfans, you're probably our kind of people. You don't need to post nudes that include your face! Many nudists are not comfortable with that online. But you do need at least a regular face selfie as your default profile pic!

Who runs this site?

This website is run by one very passionate software engineer.

If this site brings on more moderators in the future as needs arise, the brief profiles of everybody involved with running this site will be shown below.

Questions? Contact me.

Noah the introvert

Founder & developer

This website is open source!

If you would like to see the source code or contribute bug fixes or new features, the source code behind this website is available at code.nonshy.com.

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