About nonshy

nonshy is a social network designed for confident, out & proud nudists and exhibitionists who aren't afraid to include a face pic along with their nudes. We are a community made up of:

☀️ Nudists: people who enjoy being naked and who like to share their 'normal nudes' with other like-minded people (platonically).

😈 Exhibitionists: the subset of nudists who also enjoy showing off their horny side with other exhibitionists.

Basically, if you've already been sharing nudes on places like Twitter, Reddit or Onlyfans, you're probably our kind of people. And if you're kinda new to this whole thing, this could be a good place to explore! This website was designed by a life-long nudist, exhibitionist and software engineer to create a safe space for like-minded individuals online.

What's different about nonshy

There were three core ideas behind the creation of this website:

  • We want to know that every member is a real human being by requiring a "Certification" photo to be submitted to the admin.

    In practice this just means you take a selfie that shows your face and you're holding a note on paper that looks like the same face as you put on your profile page (and you can even make that profile pic 'friends-only' if you want!)

  • And those members will share only their own self pictures to their gallery.

    You may upload up to 100 photos (or GIFs!) on your gallery and share them with the whole (certified) site, with friends-only or keep them private to share on a case-by-case basis with someone. You get to control who sees which pictures, and go at your own pace on your nudist journey.

  • And we are sex-positive here and erotic content is permitted in designated areas.

    Unlike some other nudist sites that forbid any displays of sexuality (even something so scandalous as an erection, heavens forbid!), on nonshy we know that humans are sexual creatures (and we're all consenting adults here), so feel free to show off your horny side too if you like. Just mark those photos as 'Explicit' so that nudists who prefer not to see that stuff don't have to!

We basically don't want any of those faceless, blank profiles that plague so many other sites that we nudists are on: the creepers who come on just to gawk at our nudes and then slide into our DMs and get all pervy and weird on us -- when they aren't even sharing a single picture of themselves in return!

At the same time, nonshy aims to be supportive of nudists no matter how far along they are on their naked journey. We offer a lot of privacy controls so you can decide what parts of you are shared with who. You could for example share faceless body shots on 'public' (certified members only), share your face pics for 'friends only' and maybe put a dick pic on 'private' and share those only with specific members (and you can revoke access, from one or all, at any time).

We've already watched as some of our members slowly tiptoed in to sharing nudes with us and have since come a long way, coming out of their shell as they gained confidence and progress on their journey into nudism.

Naturally, you must be 18 years or older to sign up for this website.

Our most interesting features

Custom built around those core ideas, nonshy has some unique features to support keeping shy lurkers at bay and giving members a lot of control over how comfortable they are and with whom they share their photos.

Certified, but "Shy Accounts"

So we have the Certification process, but discovered an interesting phenomenon where some members would sign up, get certified and all, but then every single picture on their gallery was 'friends-only' or 'private' so that they appeared to most of us to look the same as a blank, faceless profile.

This site will automatically consider such people to be "Shy Accounts" and, while they are still full members, some restrictions are placed on who they can contact on the site. For example, they can not slide into the DMs of a non-shy member or see any of our photos. Shy Accounts can freely message other shy members, send friend requests to anybody (and then see their photos), and talk to us on the Forums.

Shy Accounts are not allowed in the webcam chat room at all: others may be on webcam there and it can be uncomfortable to have a blank, faceless profile watching your cam.

Webcam Chat Room

nonshy's webcam chat room was built from the ground up to support the needs of this website (while also being released as its own open source project!)

Some of the interesting features of the chat room include:

  • Blank, faceless profiles ("Shy Accounts") will not be in the room.
  • You may turn on your camera and microphone and tune in to cameras shared by other chatters.
    • You may require your viewers to also share their own video before letting them see yours, if you mind 'lurkers' watching but not sharing theirs back.
    • You may automatically open your viewer's camera too if they are sharing. Coupled with the previous option, when they open your cam you'll also see their video too automatically.
    • You can boot people off your camera if you don't want them to watch. From then on, they won't be able to see that your cam is even still on! Being booted looks indistinguishable to you simply turning your camera off.
  • See more on the Features page.

Participation is encouraged

Our ideal member is one who is boldly sharing several full-body nudes with face that could be seen by any (logged-in) certified member on the site.

If you're not so bold, that's OK! There are a lot of notches of comfort zone between "Shy Accounts" and our ideal members. Hopefully, we can be a valuable place to explore and grow no matter where you're at on your naked journey.

The most nonshy of our members may be rewarded with access to exclusive features.

Check out the full Features List for more details.

Who runs this site?

This website is run by one very passionate software engineer. Questions? Contact me.

Noah the introvert

Founder & developer

This website is open source!

If you would like to see the source code or contribute bug fixes or new features, the source code behind this website is available at code.nonshy.com. The chat room is an independent open source app that you may use with your website too and it's called BareRTC.

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