Terms of Service

This page lays down the ground rules for this site. By signing up and using this website, you agree to follow the rules listed below. Failure to abide by the rules may result in your pictures or messages being deleted, or your user account as a whole being deleted or banned from the service. Egregious violations, e.g. posting blatantly illegal content will result in a swift ban (and be reported to the relevant law enforcement agency, if applicable). For minor community guideline offenses, you may be contacted by a site administrator to help address the issue.

The website administrator reserves the right to modify these terms in the future. This document was last updated on March 8, 2023.

If you have found content on this site that you believe to be in violation of the rules, please report it or e-mail abuse@nonshy.com.

Any use of the word "we" on this page refers to the royal we; as this website is actually run by just one very passionate software engineer.


  • You must be 18+ years old to sign up for this website.
  • Real People Only! This website is for real people who are not afraid to show their face. You do not need to post a nude that includes your face, but a face pic is required.
  • Verification is required. All members must submit a "verification selfie" that proves they're a real person. No faceless, anonymous profiles!
  • Self photos only: all pictures uploaded to your profile page must contain YOU in them. This rule does not apply to forums which may have their own themes.
  • Sex-positive "Explicit" photos are permitted but must be marked as such so that members who do not want to see them don't have to.
  • Don't do anything illegal according to the law in the United States where this web server resides.
  • Be excellent to each other.

Please review the rest of this page for more in-depth explanations about this site's rules and code of conduct.

Updates & Revisions

Since the TOS was originally written, the following are updates and amendments:

General Code of Conduct

This section applies generally across every corner of this website, including but not limited to: the text you write on your profile page, the messages you send to other members, the comments you leave on their photos, and the messages you post in the forums.

Real People Only!

This website is for real nudists and exhibitionists who are not afraid to show their face and verify themselves as being a real person.

You do NOT need to include your face and nude body in a picture together; but a picture of your face must be somewhere on your profile page, including as your default profile picture.

The following are the bare minimum requirements for members of this website:

  • You must have a face picture as your default profile photo.
  • You must upload a "verification selfie" which includes your face and depicts you holding a hand-written note on paper to verify that you're a real person.

Your verification photo will only be seen by site administrators and will not appear on your profile page.

Having a nude pic on your profile is optional, but encouraged. You are on a nudist website after all, and other members will feel more comfortable if you join in!

Hateful Content & Bullying

This website will NOT tolerate hateful content against any minority group, including but not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia, antisemitism, body shaming, sex shaming, or generally being mean to people (or writing mean things about people) on matters of their age, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, color of their skin, racial or ethnic background, shape of their body, or other such characteristics.

Members caught engaging in such behaviors will be removed from the community.

Acceptable Photo Policy

All photos uploaded to your profile page must contain YOU in them

Your profile page is about you and all photos you upload to it must be pictures of you.

If your pictures also include other people, please be sure that you have the consent of all pictured individuals to upload it to your profile page.

You do not have to include your face in all your pictures! Many nudists are not comfortable showing their face in their nudes and will post "torso shots" or censor their face -- that's OK! You only need one face picture to use as your default profile pic - it can be a clothed, G-rated selfie!

Policy on other people appearing in your photos

NEW: March 8 2023

It can be acceptable to post a photo that includes yourself and another person, but please see the following rules:

  • Be sure you have the permission of all people in your photo before you upload it.
  • You and the other people must be in the same photo together: "split frame" photos where you just combine two wholly separate pictures together into one are not allowed! This is because it's not clear whether you even know the other person pictured or if you had their permission to post it; and to keep on top of avoiding any "exposure blogs" where someone might post pictures of randoms so long as they also composite their own pic next to it.

Normal Nudes & Non-Explicit Content

This is a website for nudists and so "normal nudes" are expected and are the default. Not all nudists want to see sexually explicit material. You MAY upload sexually explicit content but you are expected to mark such photos as "Explicit" so that nudists who don't want to see them can filter them out (which is the default setting).

You do not need to tag your photo as "Explicit" for simply containing non-sexual nudity. Examples of "normal nudes" and non-sexual nudity include, but are not limited to:

  • Full body nude photos where the focus of the picture is NOT on the genitalia.
  • A flaccid (non-erect) penis, provided it is NOT the focus of the picture.
  • Photos taken at nude beaches, nude campgrounds, or other nudist events in a non-sexual context.
  • Photos of nude gardening or other activities done in the buff.
  • Butt pics are OK: full body nudes taken from behind that show your butt are considered "normal nudes" unless your butt is the sole focus of the picture.

Basically, as long as the photo doesn't fall under the "Explicit Photos & Sexual Content" examples listed below, you do not need to tag your picture as "Explicit."

Explicit Photos & Sexual Content

Explicit photos and sexual content ("exhibitionist photos") are permitted on this website but you agree to tag such photos as "Explicit" in their settings when you upload them.

A photo is considered "explicit" if it depicts any of the following features:

  • A close-up view of genitalia or where the genitals are the central focus of the picture.
  • An erect penis if the subject has one, especially if they are grabbing it.
  • "Spread eagle" pictures that clearly and especially show intimate body parts such as butt holes or vulvae.
  • A depiction of a sexual act, including but not limited to: masturbation, oral sex, anal or vaginal penetration, humping, or any content intended to sexually arouse the viewer. If it can be reasonably considered to be "porn" it is an explicit photo.
  • Usage of a sex toy or sexual device, including but not limited to: dildos, fleshlights or fleshjacks, "pocket pussies," or things of that nature. Exceptions: certain mild lifestyle devices such as cock rings or chastity cages may be OK (and not require tagging as "Explicit") if the rest of the photo is framed in a non-sexual context.

Prohibited Content

Even in the context of "Explicit Photos," the following sorts of content is strictly prohibited:

  • You may NOT upload any content that is considered to be illegal in the United States or in any of the 50 States therein. This includes, but is not limited to: bestiality (or sexual acts involving animals), child sexually abusive material (CSAM), ANY nude photo depicting a minor person under the age of 18, ANY depictions or fantasies involving rape or sexual violence, ANY nude or sexual content of another person uploaded without their consent ("revenge porn"), ANY depiction of violence or graphical gore (sexual or otherwise), or other unlawful content.
  • You may NOT upload sexual material depicting extreme or commonly offensive content including, but not limited to: watersports (peeing onto or into another person), scat (any depiction of obviously apparent fecal matter), prolapsed rectum, anal fisting, blood play, or other such content that an average person would consider to be shocking or revolting.

NO pictures of children, period!

This is an adult website and all people depicted on it MUST be of legal age (18 years or older). Do not upload any picture that includes a minor -- clothed or otherwise.

Service Level Agreement

  • We can not guarantee that service will be uninterrupted, error-free or completely secure. You acknowledge that there are risks inherent in Internet connectivity that could result in the loss of your privacy, Confidential Information and property.
  • We can not guarantee that your content (messages, profile data, photos or forum posts) will be safe from data loss or catastrophic failure of our service, and request that you keep your own backups of anything important or sentimental.

Site Criticism and Feature Requests

We always appreciate your ideas and criticisms about features for this website. Should we implement a feature that you have requested, we are under no obligation to compensate you monetarily for the idea just as you are under no obligation to suggest your ideas.

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