Features of nonshy

Here is a description of some of the features of the nonshy site.

At a glance we have so far (and most of these are "Certification Required"):

  • A Webcam Chat Room where you can chat, share images, and go on camera with other members.
    • Chat and share images with all logged-on chatters in the shared public channels or DMs.
    • Share your webcam and watch other members' webcams (open "infinite" cameras - no technical limit imposed)
  • Forums where you can meet and converse with members of the site around a variety of themes and topics.
  • Profile Pages and a Photo Gallery where you may upload up to 100 photos and you can mark some as friends-only or private. GIFs are supported, too!
    • Privacy options include 'public' (any certified member can see, except "Shy Accounts"), for approved friends only, or 'private' for only people to whom you grant access
    • You may grant access to other members to see your private photos, and revoke access to one or all at any time.
  • A Site-wide Gallery where you can discover public photos by all members who have opted to share theirs with the Site Gallery.
    • It is basically the news feed: your friends' new photos can appear on it too, if they are opted-in for the gallery (which is encouraged).
    • When uploading a new photo you may opt it out of the Site Gallery and then it will only appear on your profile page, and members would need to manually go to your page and look for it.
  • Friend Requests so you can make some new connections through this site.
    • You can also tag some of your photos as "Friends only" and make sure only your approved friends can see those!
    • Get notified when your friends share a new picture that you're allowed to see
    • Even if you are a "Shy Account", with an approved friend you can send them DMs and see their gallery as they probably have some pics on 'friends-only' visibility and you can see them on your Site Gallery.
  • Direct Messages (DMs) to chat with other members (text only, no image attachments).
  • A Member Directory where you can browse and search for other members on the site.
  • Likes & Comments on the photos and forum threads.
  • Notifications to get that hit of dopamine when somebody Liked your new pic
    • All notifications are on-site only: we don't spam you with any e-mails begging you to come back every day, and yet we have a good core group of daily active users who log on every day on their own.
  • Privacy controls that let you:
    • Mark your entire profile page as 'private' so only approved friends can see it
    • Limit who can send the first DMs to you (e.g. to friends-only and then non-friends can't slide into your DMs, but they can reply if you message first)
    • Control who sees what photo between 'public', friends-only or private.

A Webcam Chat Room

The chat room is a completely custom-built app for nonshy (and it's open source too!) and here are some of its features in detail.

  • It's a classic chat room featuring multiple public channels, Private Messages/DMs, a list of online chatters and links to see their profile or open their webcam if they're sharing.
  • You may broadcast your webcam and microphone, and other users in the room may tune in and watch your camera.
  • You are permitted to get "sexual" on camera if you want. Just mark your camera as 'Explicit' so other chatters may know what they're getting into before they click in.
  • You could have "infinite" cameras open with other chatters: as long as your screen size and network can support it (there is no enforced limit, as it makes no difference to my chat server how many cams you open -- the connections are usually peer-to-peer!)
  • You can see who all is watching your camera, and you can "boot" somebody off if you don't want them to watch. When booted, they will not be able to watch again, and your camera will appear 'offline' to them so they can't be sure you didn't simply turn your camera off.
  • You can 'mute' people if you no longer want to see their messages in chat or receive any further DMs from them (and this also prevents them from seeing your camera - like a 'boot' they won't see if your camera is even broadcasting!)
  • You can upload photos (and GIFs up to 8 MB!) to share with the chat room or over Direct Messages.
  • All chatters are guaranteed to be "Certified" real human beings and have at least one 'public' photo on their page that you could see. Certification is required for all site features (see what non-certified members can even do) but additionally the "certified, but shy" members are not allowed in the chat room at all.

A unique feature of the chat room are the mutual webcam options. Some nudists feel weirded out if they are on camera and they are being watched by some silent lurker who isn't sharing their own camera in return. On the nonshy chat room, you can opt-in to "mutual webcam" options if you like:

  • You can require your webcam viewers to first be sharing their own webcam in return, before they can open yours.
  • You may also automatically open the viewer's webcam (if they are broadcasting) when they click in to see your camera. This can save you a click of needing to open the camera of the person who just opened yours.

Privacy Controls

We have some privacy features that members on any stage of their nudist journey may enjoy to have some control over what they share and with whom:

  • By default, only logged-in members can see your profile page or photos at all. (You may opt to have a "slightly public" profile page that you could link to from your Twitter, which reveals little information beyond your username and profile pic).
  • When you upload a photo you may mark it as for "Friends only" or "Private." This way you can limit the audience of certain pictures to only your approved friendships, or in the case of Private photos, to specific members to whom you grant access. You may also revoke your private photos from one or all members at once.
  • If you are concerned about unsolicited messages by randoms, you may limit who is allowed to slide into your DMs to "Friends only" or even to "Nobody." People may always reply to messages that you send them first, but if they haven't contacted you before, you can prevent them from doing so. "Nobody" is like having your DMs closed but you can still continue conversations you had open already.
  • You may mark your whole profile page as "private" and then only your Friends may see its contents. But, this will make you a "shy account" and see the next point.
  • Members who are very shy (they're Certified so the admin has seen their face, but they keep all their photos or profile on Private so they look to others like a 'blank profile') are considered by the site to be "Shy Accounts" and they can not slide into your DMs if you are sharing photos on public but they are not. They also won't see any of your photos (unless you are friends). See the FAQs for more details.
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